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Natasha Castelijn is an Australian visual artist based on the Gold Coast. Natasha has travelled extensively and lived in diverse places, which manifests in her dramatic use of colour, texture and tonal shades. The exploration of light, how it permeates, reflects and exposes movement and drama, is evident in Natasha’s art practice, particularly in her Australian landscapes and native botanies.

Natasha sees the task of art as releasing the beauty in everyday life and believes it brings people together. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art and Visual Culture and teaches at the Gold Coast Art School. Natasha Castelijn is the host of The Artists’ ChatRoom on IGTV. Her work is held in private collections in Sydney, Perth. Adelaide, Kimberlys, and Gold Coast.

“My work is a reflection of my own experiences and relationships. Life is full of love and I express this love and light by creating uplifting works with emotion and movement. I om influenced by how light infuses our very being. By seeing art in ordinary things, our souls are lifted from the mundane allowing us to feel its delight.”